Expertise in the following tightly integrated areas:

  1. Accounting Integration
    Integrating front-end line-of-business applications with back-end Accounting systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, Platinum for Windows, MAS-90. Such as AR & AP vouchering into Accounting Systems, and Customer AR status out of Accounting Systems.
  2. Customer Service
    Order Entry and Tracking.
  3. Production
    Inventory, Work Force, and Work Flow Management. Performance Tracking. Integration with Compounding "Robots". Product Labeling.
  4. Quality Control
    Product Retain management. LOT Tracking. Generating CoA and Spec Sheets.
  5. Regulatory
    Generation of various required and desired documents. Such as: UN Globally Harmonized Safety Data Sheets (with OSHA and EU varients); IFRA Statements; Governmental Registration Lists (TSCA, NLP, ENCS ECL, and others); Ingredient Source Summaries (EU Allergens, Hydrocaron Content, Phthalates, and others); And many others.
  6. Shipping
    Shipping management and Tracking
    Generation of required documents, such as: Dangerous Goods Declaration, Bill of Lading, Packing Slip, NAFTA, Commercial Invoice, Pick List, Container warning lables, and others.
  7. Purchase Ordering
    Entering and tracking raw material orders. Inventory Labeling and tracking.
  8. R&D, Marketing, and Project Management
    Managing the development of new products for Client base.
  9. Management and Sales Functions
    Numerous reports for analyzing sales, budgets, trip reports, and more